Suck, August: Six Caprices (Etudes) for Solo Cello (1863-1876)

Suck, August: Six Caprices (Etudes) for Solo Cello (1863-1876)
Suck: Six Caprices (Etudes) for Solo Cello (1863-1876)Suck: Six Caprices (Etudes) for Solo Cello (1863-1876)
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Notes & Comments

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August Suck (ca. 1830-1921) pronounced “Sook”, came to the U.S. in the 1850s. With cellist Wulf Fries, he published a cello tutor in 1879, reissued in 1901. In 1881 he became a founding member of the Boston Symphony.  See Music by August Suck for a fuller biography of the composer/cellist.

The Six Caprices came from an archive of Suck manuscripts. The Six Caprices are actually etudes, and were written over a 13-year period of time, some in Sweden and some in the U.S. They are of intermediate to advanced difficulty, and work double stops, arpeggios, bow strokes, etc.


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